12. Halved climate impact with doubled lifespan of children's jeans

By doubling the lifespan of an item of clothing, you can halve the climate impact. Nimble Patch has taken note of this. They give new life to broken children's jeans to contribute to lower consumption. By putting reinforcement material on the knees and leg ends with the closing function, the lifespan of the jeans can be increased and children can wear them longer. The end product is a children's trousers that last a long time - both in terms of quality and from a sustainability perspective. Wargön Innovation supplies, via its textile sorting plant, Nimble Patch with children's jeans that are broken and thus cannot be sold second hand. Nimble Patch then repairs and refines the jeans in collaboration with Yallatrappan / Yalla Mellerud, a women's cooperative that creates jobs for foreign-born women and utilizes the great skills that exist.

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