About Us

The Haga Initiative wants to prove that the business community is a part of the solution in the transformation to a low-carbon society. Climate responsibility is inherent in our societal responsibility, and we therefore push for more ambitious climate policy making it easier for companies to increase their climate responsibility.

The Haga Initiative is a business network that strives to reduce the business sector’s climate impact. We therefore gathers companies who are committed to reduce their climate impact in order to achieve the Haga Initiative vision of a profitable business sector without climate impact. The way forward for the Haga Initiative is to engage companies from different business sectors and highlight the connection between ambitious climate strategies and increased profitability.

At the same time the companies in the Haga Initiative show that active climate responsibility creates concrete economic advantages and therefore the Haga Initiative wants to inspire other companies to create stricter emissions targets and openly and transparently disclose their climate efforts through annual climate reports.

What do we want to achieve? A profitable business sector in Sweden, Europe and the world who take environmental and climate issues seriously, who have identified the inherent possibilities in the climate transformation and who inspire and reinforce each other and who cooperates with politicians, academia and the civil society to answer the pivotal questions which need to be addressed in order to achieve a society where the major climate problems are solved.