Become a member

Would you like to become a member of one of the most influential climate networks in the Nordics? The Haga Initiative was established more than ten years ago (and has since pushed for climate action?). We connect sectors and show the business benefits and possibilities of climate action.

As a Haga Initiative member, you will:

- Interact, learn, and receive expert support from a unique network of climate ambitious organizations/companies.

- Attend exclusive events with high-profile policymakers and business leaders.

- Increase your knowledge of the latest climate research and climate reporting.

- Push for debate and shape climate policy in Sweden, the Nordic countries, the EU, and globally.

- Contribute to demonstrating the business benefits of climate action

The criteria for membership are that the CEO/management takes active climate responsibility, the willingness to be transparent with your climate impact, and to reach net-zero emissions by 2030, provided the right policy. The annual fee 2020 for membership is SEK 220,000 ex. VAT.

Do you want to join? Contact

Nina Ekelund, Secretary General 

Deniz Butros, Policy- and communication officer