“A profitable business sector without climate impact” is the Haga Initiatives vision. The Haga Initiative is a business network that strives to reduce the business sector’s carbon emissions and highlight climate issues by showing the connection between ambitious climate strategies and increased profitability. The purpose of the network is to show that it is profitable for companies to conduct good business while simultaneously take an active climate responsibility. We believe that high ambitions regarding climate issues imply great possibilities for Swedish companies, creates jobs, strengthens Swedish welfare and increase the companies international competitiveness.

The Haga Initiative commitment:

  • CEO and management team take active climate responsibility
  • Firmly established and ambitious climate strategy 
  • Calculate and disclose climate impact according to the GHG Protocol
  • Downward trend regarding carbon emissions
  • Goal to reduce emissions by at least 40 percent by 2020
  • Fossil fuel free until 2030