What is the Haga Initiative?

The Haga Initiative is a business network that strives to reduce the business sector’s carbon emissions and highlight climate issues by showing the link between ambitious climate strategies and increased profitability.

Who are the members?

The Haga Initiative consists of fourteen companies: AkzoNobel, Axfood, Coca-Cola European Partners Sweden, Folksam, Fortum Heat, HKScan Sweden, JM, Lantmännen, Löfbergs, McDonald’s, Preem, Siemens, Stena Recycling and Sveaskog.

Who can join?

Members of the Haga Initiative are companies that commit to their responsibility for the climate and see commercial benefits of reducing carbon emissions. These companies are prepared to take the lead and set a good example. Companies from industries not yet represented in the Haga Initiative are particularly interesting as potential members.

What is required from our member companies?

Companies from industries not yet represented in the Haga Initiative are welcome to apply directly to Nina Ekelund. Applicants must fulfil the following requirements:

  • CEO/top management commit to climate action
  • Integrated/ambitious climate strategy 
  • Calculate and disclose climate impact according to the GHG Protocol
  • Downward trend in carbon emissions
  • Emission reduction goal of at least 40 percent by 2020
  • Net zero emissions by 2030

Can organizations other than companies join the network?

The Haga Initiative is a business network. However, we cooperate with all types of organizations.

Can non-Swedish companies join the network?

The Haga Initiative is open to companies from all over the world, although our focus is mainly on companies with production facilities in Sweden.

What should small companies or organizations that want to join the Haga Initiative do? 

Get in touch with the Haga Initiative to discuss collaboration. Subscribe to our newsletter, check website and keep in touch with us via Twitter and Facebook to see what opportunities may arise.

When was the network founded?

The Haga Initiative was founded in December 2010.

Is the Haga Initiative mainly a marketing channel for climate-conscious companies?

To achieve the Haga Initiative’s vision of “a profitable business sector without climate impact,” we need to acknowledge climate-conscious companies that want to inspire their peers to move in the same direction and help us meet the targets of the Paris agreement. Sweden needs more companies who dare speak about their efforts to reduce their climate impact.

What happens in the Haga Initiative?

The Haga Initiative produces reports and arranges breakfast meetings and seminars. We give the member companies an opportunity to network with each other. Read more about our external activities under News.

Why do we need the Haga Initiative?

We need more companies that show how they reduce climate impact in a businesslike manner. This is exactly what the companies in the Haga Initiative do. We hope this can inspire other companies. The difficulties of mitigation and adaptation are often the focus. We choose to highlight the possibilities.

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