Our strategy

This is the Haga Initiative strategy, adopted December 20, 2018.

Our vision and activities

The Haga Initiative strives towards a profitable business sector without climate impact. Members of the Haga Initiative act together to create the business conditions needed to reach this goal. Members act as climate action role models within their respective business sectors.

The Haga Initiative operates in the business sector. The network cooperates with politicians and policymakers to improve the prerequisites for increased climate effort in business.

  1. The Haga Initiative shows how the business sector can contribute to the 1.5 degree goal
    • The Haga Initiative emphasizes clear business advantages through active climate effort. The member companies act as best practice and inspiring examples.
    • The Haga Initiative sets climate targets in line with the 1.5 degree target, and supports its members in making their value chains more climate efficient.
    • Primarily a climate responsibility network, the Haga Initiative supports the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) that both impact and are impacted by climate-related issues.
    • The Haga Initiative members are committed to openly calculate and disclose their climate impact, and to be transparent about the reduction of their carbon emissions, which makes the Haga Initiative a credible network within the climate field.
    • The Haga Initiative proves that conversion to a climate neutral society is possible. Therefore, all crucial business sectors are represented in the Haga Initiative through its member companies.
  1. The Haga Initiative enables the alignment of the Swedish and international politics with the 1.5 degree goal
  • The Haga Initiative works to push politics towards more ambitious climate targets. The goal is to help business and the society become carbon neutral.