Business tackling climate change - when is it not profitable?

The report highlights the main challenges to reach the goal of emissions close to zero by 2030. Furthermore, the report shows the need of policy that focuses on investments and the cost-efficient instruments needed to clear the identified obstacles.

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A winning policy for the climate and for business

The Haga Initiative suggests that climate policy is directed towards emissions close to zero in Sweden by 2030. Research clearly shows that greenhouse gases have to be reduced significantly in the near future. The exact meaning of this objective needs to be clarified. The same ambition should apply to the majority of the EU member countries. For the whole EU the same objective should apply no later than the year 2040. We are convinced that the measures proposed in this report and strong political decisions focusing on competitiveness would lead us towards emissions close to zero in 2030, and in addition strengthen the business community in Sweden.

In March 2015 the Haga Initiative launched the report A winning policy for the climate and for business. This is an English summary of the report.

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Corporate climate engagement – profitable?

Our ambition with the report ”Corporate climate engagement – profitable?” is to present the opportunities that come from ambitious corporate climate engagement. The report is a literature study that seeks real-life examples of when corporate climate engagement is profitable. Examples from international companies as well as from the Swedish companies in the Haga Initiative are presented. The report’s target audience is decision makers within business and politics.

The report is written in Swedish but includes an English summary.

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