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Climate Neutral Nordics is a four-year joint project between the Nordic business networks Haga Initiative (Sweden), Skift (Norway) and CLC (Finland), financed by Nordic Council of MinistersTogether, we work to strengthen Nordic competitiveness and contribute to making the Nordic region the most sustainable and integrated region in the world.

Within Climate Neutral Nordics, we work together to:

  • Mapping business ambitions and abilities
  • Demonstrating the climate benefits
  • Strengthening models, abilities, and innovation
  • Facilitate interaction between business and politics

Pre-study with 40 Nordic CEOs
Climate Neutral Nordics was initiated in 2021, with the Haga Initiative conducting interviews with 40 CEOs of leading companies in the Nordics with an aggregated revenue of 326 billion euros, which corresponds to approximately 24 percent of the GDP in the Nordics.

The study showed that Nordic business leaders are concerned about climate change and its consequences. All CEOs see climate change as a threat and call on policymakers to accelerate climate mitigation solutions. Nordic companies can play a key role by delivering climate solutions worldwide and helping their customers and countries adapt to the 1.5°C target.

The most neccesary instruments to accelerate the climate transition, reflected by the companies are:

  • Carbon pricing through taxes or emission trading schemes
  • Higher climate requirements in public procurement
  • Binding and transparent methodology on companies’ climate reporting
  • Phasing out fossil fuel subsidies or prohibiting fossil fuels

Read the reportn here.
See the webinar and the launch of the report here.

The six workstreams within Climate Neutral Nordic are:

  • Circular business models
  • Skills development for a green transition
  • Fossil Free Challenge
  • CEOs in green transition
  • Nordic innovation power
  • Nordic handprint on a global market

Circular business models

The workstream aims to share good examples between the Nordic countries by combining policy and practice. Nordic companies are asking for more incentives and measurements to increase circularity, which this workstream contributes to.

Skills development for a green transition

Ensuring the right skills is one of the major obstacles to climate change in the Nordic region. The workstream thus works to ensure a green and fair climate transition with a focus on a well-functioning labor market, with low unemployment rates in the Nordics, while supporting companies' green transition through increased Nordic cooperation.

Fossil Free Challenge

The overall aim for the workstream Fossil Free Challenge is to collect and exchange experiences, knowledge and insights from the entire Nordic region and raise opportunities for collaboration and how the climate benefits of exports can contribute.

CEOs in green transition

The workstream aims create tools for Nordic CEOs, researchers, decision-makers, and other key stakeholders to meet and discuss challenges and opportunities with the climate transformation. The added value is to find a common ground with a minimum climate ambition for Nordic companies.

Nordic innovation power

The Nordic Innovation Power project aims at facilitating the upscaling of green technology in the Nordic countries by arranging joint visits to relevant facilities where Nordic politicians and the Nordic business community meet and discuss what policy changes are needed.

Nordic handprint on a global market

"Carbon handprint" is a positive climate impact indicator. In contrast to footprint, which refers to the negative environmental impact caused by greenhouse gas emissions during a product's life cycle, the term handprint refers to the positive environmental impact of a product throughout its life cycle.

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