Green Cargo

Climate target Green Cargo’s target is to reduce CO2 emissions per transported tonne and kilometer. The climate impact from a transport with Green Cargo emits 2.2 grammes of CO2 per tonnes/kilometer, and the target for 2014 is to reduce this number to 2.1 grammes.

How is the target to be met? Green Cargo has focused on changing the engines in their diesel locomotives to fuel-efficient engines, this process has now been completed. Pilot tests have shown positive results when it comes to energy-efficient driving and this will be introduced where the effect is the largest, namely with the diesel locomotives. Green Cargo will also work to minimise idling driving in order to reduce climate impact further. The next step is to introduce a computerised support system to all electricity-driven locomotive-drivers so that they are always aware what speed is optimal for them to be on time.

Lina Holmgren, head of environment, Green Cargo

We help our customers reach their climate goals by offering transports with low CO2 emissions. I am convinced the climate issue will keep growing in importance. Therefore, Green Cargo includes sustainability as a core practice in our business.

Jan Kilström
CEO, Green Cargo