HKScan Sweden

Climate targets HKScan Sweden’s target is a 50% reduction in greenhouse gas emissions between 2003 and 2020. The target has been set in absolute figures to reflect the company’s total emissions. The emissions target includes scope 1 and scope 2 as well as business travel, outsourced inward transportation and the production and distribution of energy and vehicle fuels in scope 3.

How will the emissions target be achieved? •      Surveying energy use and individual measurement of consumption per production line enables energy use to be reduced and continual improvement work to be directly measured.

•      Higher requirements of company cars have been introduced, demanding reduced emissions of CO2.

•      HKScan is working to optimise inward transportation of animals in order to reduce the distance that they are transported.

•      As part of its Lean work to streamline all its processes HKScan has in its follow-up linked its environmental work to the positive financial results that are being achieved. Through this they are building the skills needed to work from a more sustainable perspective.

Contact Vera Söderberg, Environmental Manager

Our biggest challenge is to work closely with our suppliers in issues relating to how they can reduce their climate impact. We recognize the potential in this area and we have plenty of good examples we would like to emphasize so that more people and companies can benefit from reducing their climate impact, since it also allows for savings and increased competitiveness.

Denis Mattson
CEO, HKScan Sweden