Climate targets JM’s climate target is a 40% reduction in greenhouse gas emissions by 2020 compared with 1990. The reduction includes not just emissions from own operations, but also emissions from the homes built during their warranty period.

How will the target be achieved? JM is today a European market leader in the construction of low energy homes. Its strategy for the future is to continue its efforts to reduce energy use both in the homes built and on its building sites. As well as building better insulated, more airtight homes with low energy fittings, JM also works to influence energy use by those who live in its homes; for example, through individual measurement and charging of hot tap water. The aim is for the energy requirement of homes produced by JM to be around 25% less than the current norm. JM also works to reduce energy use on its building sites. Measures such as better insulated site cabins, low energy light bulbs and time-controlled heating and lighting have all helped reduce energy use.

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Our product, housing, is sustainable and will stand for at least 100 years. We need to look far ahead when planning and our qualifications need to be able to meet the qualifications of the future. We want to serve as a role model within our industry. When we do, we are perceived as serious and responsible, both as a company and as an employer.

Johan Skoglund
President and CEO, JM