Accelerated efforts required in order to secure business competitiveness in the green transition

The companies in the Haga Initiative work on a daily basis to transform our businesses and invest to speed up the climate transition. The government also needs to do their part to support and enable transformative efforts in the private sector. Therefore, the Haga Initiative is presenting its expectations for the government’s upcoming climate action plan with nine business-critical proposals together with 42 suggested measures for a competitive and green private sector.

The report’s nine business-critical proposals:

  1. Show political leadership – persistent, clear and foreseeable – to enable a competitive business sector and secure the 1.5 degree target
  2. Invest more in renewable energy near-term and more efficient energy consumption for the business sector’s climate transition
  3. Invest in the bioeconomy sector and strengthened food security as a strong business opportunity for Swedish industry and rural communities
  4. Make Sweden a front-runner in circular economy to secure value chains and economic growth
  5. Streamline permit processes for a rapid expansion of the green industries
  6. Formulate green industry policies that strengthen Swedish business competitiveness through beneficial framework conditions
  7. Invest in technical negative emissions with permanent storage as a new Swedish export industry
  8. Strengthen Swedish competence to implement the green transition
  9. Mobilize broad societal support for the climate transition – it will benefit businesses


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