Folksam New Member of the Haga Initiative

The business network the Haga Initiative is now strengthened by a well-known company from the financial sector – Folksam. Since before, the Haga Initiative includes thirteen companies: Axfood, Coca-Cola Enterprises Sweden, Stockholm Exergi, Green Cargo, HKScan Sweden, Lantmännen, Löfbergs, McDonald’s, Stena Recycling, Statoil Fuel & Retail, Sveaskog and Vasakronan.

Folksam insures every second home and every fifth car in Sweden, as well as takes care of the pensions for more than two million people. Folksam administers capital worth 304 million SEK for its customers, which makes the company a heavy-weight investor in many large companies.

– No one will be able to afford insurance in the future if we do not come together and join forces in combatting climate change. Since the 1960’s, Folksam has worked proactively both within our own business and within the sectors in which we are active. This has empowered Folksam financially. Our challenge lies in explaining to our customers why we, as a company in the insurance business, need to work systematically with environment and climate related issues. The Haga Initiative offers a good support system in dealing with this challenge, says Jens Henriksson, CEO of Folksam.

The Haga Initiative gathers companies that engage in decreasing their climate impact in order to pursue the joint vision of a profitable business sector without climate impact. Given the impending climate changes the world is facing and the stagnation observed in environmental politics, the role of the business sector must be strengthened. The strategy of the Haga Initiative is to engage companies from different industries and to showcase the connection between ambitious climate strategies and increased profitability.

– The financial sector is a hidden power player in the climate sector with significant influence over investment. This has for a long time been a prioritized sector for the Haga Initiative and we are therefore very proud to have Folksam as our newest member of the network, says Nina Ekelund, Program Director of the Haga Initiative.

For more information, please contact:

Karin Stenmar, Head of Environment and Climate, Folksam. Telephone no: +46 70 831 66 76

Nina Ekelund, Program Director of the Haga Initiative. Telephone no: +46 73 502 24 64

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