Climate Action

A profitable business sector without climate impactis the Haga Initiatives vision. In several reports, The Haga Initiative has proven that climate action is profitable. This has been done through interviews with companies, reviews of several research reports as well as extensive surveys where companies have answered questions on how climate action affects their profitability.

The following bullet points show areas where climate action is profitable:

  • Brand value and customer loyalty
  • Cost savings
  • Attractive employers and more productive employees
  • New products and business areas
  • Proactive risk management
  • Improved financing opportunities

Read more about profitable climate action in the Haga Initiatives reports:

Climate work profitable
A study on the companies' profitability linked to their work with reduced climate impact.

Climate work - when is it not profitable?
The report shows what the major obstacles are to moving towards near-zero emissions. The report shows that a policy with more focus on investments and cost-effective policy instruments is required to remove the obstacles that have been identified.

Climate work - profitable?
The report is a literature study with around 30 reports that clearly show that climate work can be profitable. The purpose of the report is to get more companies to see the possibilities of ambitious climate work. In the report, international company examples are interspersed with Swedish examples from the companies in the Haga initiative.


GHG Emission Disclosure

The companies in the Haga Initiative report their emissions in a joint GHG Emission Disclosure. In the report, the companies disclose their corporate targets, climate impact and actions to meet the targets.

Reduced Emissions

The companies in the Haga Initiative have all pledged to reduce emissions by at least 40 percent until 2020 and to achieve net zero emissions by 2030. This does not inhibit the companies’ competitiveness - on the contrary.

100 examples of circular economy