Reduced Emissions

The companies in the Haga Initiative have all pledged to reduce emissions by at least 40 percent until 2020 and to achieve net zero emissions by 2030. This does not inhibit the companies’ competitiveness - on the contrary.

Sweden has managed to decouple GDP growth from greenhouse gas emissions. Since 1990, emissions in Sweden have reduced by 25 percent, while GDP has increased by 69 percent. Similarly, the companies in the Haga Initiative have managed to reduce emissions while maintaining or increasing turnover.

The average Haga company has increased its turnover by six percent since their respective base years, while emissions fell by an average of 48 percent (Haga scope) or 34 percent (in scope 1). The companies’ aggregate emission reduction is 26 percent in scope 1, or 29 percent in the Haga scope. Behind the figures, there are obviously major individual differences - some companies have made significant reductions in emissions and increased turnover considerably while others experienced subdued turnover or lower emission reductions. Read more in the Haga Initiative greenhouse gas emissions disclosure.


GHG Emission Disclosure

The companies in the Haga Initiative report their emissions in a joint GHG Emission Disclosure. In the report, the companies disclose their corporate targets, climate impact and actions to meet the targets.

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