Haga Initiative during COP26

The COP26 climate summit in Glasgow is approaching. Here is the Haga initiative's contribution to a step closer to the 1.5-degree goal:

Interview with Mattias Frumerie, Head of Delegation to UNFCCC of Sweden, regarding COP26 in Glasgow. Read the interview here. 

Global call for world leaders ahead of COP26 to price carbon emissions effectively, via Call on Carbon.

11 October Inför FN:s klimatmöte i Glasgow arranged by: ABF Stockholm, Klimataktion

20 October Vägen framåt efter COP26, arranged by: Klimataktion Uppsala

21 October COP26 event - Carbon Markets and Article 6 of the Paris Agreement, arranged by: CSPR, Linköpings universitet

28 October Corporate Climate Action, arranged by: CSPR, Linköpings universitet

1 November How to ramp up investments and to increase the profitability of climate solutions, arranged by: ICC (International Chamber of Commerce) together with Haga Initiative (Sweden), Skift Business Climate Leaders (Norway), and CLC (Finland). Please see Haga Initiative’s website for updates.

3 november In the light of COP26: How can carbon pricing spur green investments and contribute to profitability, arranged by: Haga Initiative (Sweden), CER (Slovenia), and CLC (Finland) in connection with Call on carbon