Haga Initiative launches leading 1,5 degree business strategy

Business network, the Haga Initiative have since it premiered in 2010 strived to reduce the business sector’s climate impact. The member companies now accepted a new business strategy that is clearly in line with the Paris Agreement.

- The IPCC report sends a clear message. We have to aim to limit the rise in average global temperature to 1,5 degrees. We call upon the industry, the business sector and the politicians of the world to do the same, states Nina Ekelund, Executive Director of the Haga Initiative.

The Haga Initiative is founded on the vision to create a profitable business sector without climate impact. Profit is also one of the main goals in the new business strategy, Nina Ekelund explains.

- By showing the clear business advantages of adjusting to net zero emissions by 2030, we want to inspire companies and industries to make the changes the world needs in order to meet the 1,5-degree target. We already know that these structural changes inevitably lead to new business opportunities, that they increase the resilience to climate related risks and boosts the organization’s attraction to potential employees.

The new Haga Initiative strategy sums up two main targets. First: the business network will make a positive example of how enterprise can contribute to the 1,5-degree target. To accomplish this, the member companies commits to reporting how they manage the climate targets, and to organize their business in line with the UN sustainable development goals. Second: The Haga Initiative aim to push political decisions towards more ambitious climate laws and regulations.

- A guiding principle in our work is to show the possibilities given by the adaptation to climate neutrality. But, in order to succeed, political decisions have to support enterprise. This is crucial, Nina Ekelund says.