New report presented in Katowice: Polish and Baltic companies see business benefits of climate efforts

During the fall, the Haga Initiative has interviewed 20 companies in Poland and the Baltics about their view of how companies’ climate efforts affect competitiveness. Overwhelmingly, the companies see that climate efforts can increase competitiveness, lead to strengthened demand and be important to recruit the most talented employees. 

The interviews also focused on what type of policies that would help the companies pursue ambitious climate efforts. Many companies welcome stricter climate policy, more ambitious emission targets and they see a need for strengthened financial incentives to transform their operations and invest in new clean technology.

The report, Business climate efforts and their importance for competitiveness and development – Perspectives from Poland and the Baltics, is published today, and will be presented in the Nordic Pavillion at COP24 in Katowice in a seminar with participation from the Swedish minister for the climate, the EU commission as well as Polish, Baltic and Nordic companies. 

Read the report here.

Read the press release here.