Green Cargo New Member of the Haga Initiative

Green Cargo is the newest member of the business network the Haga Initiative. Since before, the Haga Initiative includes twelve well-known companies from different industries. They share the common goal of uniting climate responsibility with pursuing profitable business. With Green Cargo included, the transport sector is represented by a company which offers resource efficient transport, mainly by rail.

Green Cargo is Sweden’s largest goods trains operator, representing almost half of all goods trains running in Sweden. Over 95 % of Green Cargo’s trains are run by electric locomotives and therefore emit a very limited amount of CO2 emissions.

–          We are proud to be new members of the Haga Initiative. We view the initiative as a leading force from the business sector in trying to progress in the climate issue. Green Cargo can learn a lot from the other members as well as offer knowledge about climate-responsible transport solutions, says Jan Kilström, CEO Green Cargo.

Given the impending climate changes the world is facing and the stagnation observed in environmental politics, the role of the business sector must be strengthened. The Haga Initiative therefore gathers companies that engage in decreasing their climate impact in order to pursue the joint vision of a profitable business sector without climate impact. The strategy of the Haga Initiative is to engage companies from different industries and to showcase the connection between ambitious climate strategies and increased profitability.

–          For a long time, the transport sector has been a prioritized industry for the Haga Initiative since transports represent approximately 30 % of Sweden’s emissions. Road emissions keep increasing, which makes it extra exciting to introduce Green Cargo in the Haga Initiative since it allows for us to showcase the possibility of transporting goods by train and thereby radically decreasing climate impact, says Nina Ekelund, Program Director of the Haga Initiative.

For more information, please contact:

Jan Kilström, CEO Green Cargo, telephone: +46 70 748 38 24

Mats Hollander, Communications Director Green Cargo, telephone: +46 10 455 54 54

Nina Ekelund, Program Director the Haga Initiative, telephone: +46 73 502 24 64

Read the press release in the Haga Intiative’s press room

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