Nordic CEOs' view of raised climate ambitions in the Nordic countries

An interview study among leading businesses in the Nordics on raised climate ambitions, shows that Nordic business leaders are concerned about climate change and its consequences and have expressed the need to ramp up climate actions. All of the CEOs regarded climate change as a threat. Nordic companies can play a key role delivering climate solutions worldwide and help their customers and countries to align with the 1.5°C target. 

The most needed instruments for a faster climate transition, reflected by the companies are: 

  • Carbon pricing through taxes or emission trading schemes 
  • Higher climate requirements in public procurement 
  • Binding and transparent methodology on companies’ climate reporting 
  • Phasing out fossil fuel subsidies or prohibiting fossil fuels 

The report is performed by the business networks Haga Initiative, CLC and Skift financed by Nordic Council of Ministers. 

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