Consultation response to the EU’s climate target for 2040

The Haga Initiative has submitted its consultation response (KN2024/00503) to the EU’s 2040 targets to the Swedish Government this week. The upcoming European elections will be important in light of the fact that the work to formulate the 2040 target is ongoing. We want to see an ambitious 2040 target that provides predictability and a clear direction for the ongoing green transition in the business sector. This is crucial to strengthen competitiveness and secure jobs. In brief, the referral contains the following points:
  1. It is important that the EU’s climate targets for 2040 contribute to keeping us below 1.5 degrees of global warming
  2. The 2040 emission reduction target should be 90-95% compared to 1990 levels
  3. EU emissions trading scheme provides predictability for companies
  4. Strengthens jobs and competitiveness
  5. The EU should set three separate targets for negative emissions; a comprehensive, nature-based and a technological
  6. Enables rapid scale-up of circular solutions
  7. The 2040 target should provide clear signals of nature-based solutions to address the twin crises (biodiversity and climate)

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