Negative emissions – cutting emissions or avoiding cutting emissions? Webinar February 16

Contributions from actors across Europe

If global temperature temporarily overshoots 1.5°C, carbon dioxide removals would be required to reduce the atmospheric concentration of CO2 to bring global temperature back down.” These are words from the IPCC. In 2020, the WMO warned that global mean temperature might exceed 1.5 °C already by 2024. How can carbon dioxide removals be used by business while also speeding up carbon cuts, or is it only a delaying tactic?

Welcome to a webinar on carbon dioxide removals on the 16 February at 8.30-9.45 CET.

Confirmed speakers

Anders Egelrud, CEO, Stockholm Exergi
Karin Comstedt Webb, Sustainability Manager, Heidelberg Cementa
Ursula Woodburn, Head of EU Relations, CLG Europe
Ronan Palmer, Program Director Clean Economy, E3G
Erik Thornström, Policy, taxation, energy use and resource efficiency, Energiföretagen
Robert Höglund, Communication & Policy, Oxfam Sweden
Jakop Dalunde, Member of European Parliament, Greens/EFA
Helena Söderqvist, Biochar expert, 2050
Nina Ekelund, Executive Director Haga Initiative
Deniz Butros, Policy and Communications, Haga Initiative

Presentation by Helena Söderqvist

Presentation by Karin Comstedt Webb

Presentation by Anders Egelrud

Presentation by Haga Initiative

Presentation by Erik Thornström

Watch the webinar here

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