New report on circular business models for a stronger Nordic region

Circular business models and circular economy can contribute to building a more sustainable and resilient Nordic region, against the backdrop of the new geopolitical landscape. Deepened Nordic cooperation can speed up the circular economy transition and unlock multiple benefits for the Nordic countries. There are many positive examples and promising circular business models in the Nordics. The report highlights three areas where circular business models have a great potential and can provide multiple benefits for many sectors of society: 1) food production, 2) rare earths, metals and raw materials and 3) heat and renewable energy. The report highlights four opportunities where Nordic cooperation can play an important role:

  • A common Nordic circular economy strategy focusing on high potential solutions andcritical value chains,
  • Exchange experiences on circular economy tax reform,
  • Exchange experiences and harmonize standards, definitions, and access to data, and
  • Knowledge transfer and learning from the frontrunners.

The report has been produced by the Haga Initiative within the vision project Climate Neutral Nordic. Climate Neutral Nordics consist of the Haga Initiative, Skift Business Climate Leaders and the Climate Leadership Coalition, and is financed by the Nordic Council of Ministers.

Read the report here.

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